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Who am I?

I have a broad and diverse academic background ...
After a brief stint in psychology, I switched my direction towards Interior Architecture where the personal and the physical environment intersect. After a degree in Interior Architecture at Saint-Luc Liège, I worked in Brussels with Architects (Eric Durieux, Arte Life), Interior Designers (Willy Van den Broeck, Kiki Delnoy), and I also collaborated with Italian kitchen and furniture stores Snaidero, Calligaris, Jesse, Move. In Brussels, I completed my training with a year of aggregation at La Cambre.

The call from abroad
The beautiful surprises of life then allowed me to reside in several very different countries, revealing to me cultures and lifestyles far away from my Belgian experience and thoroughly enriching my relationship to architecture, nature and humanity.
After Switzerland, Sweden and Brazil, this adventure continues as I now live between Belgium and Panama.

Feng Shui, a deep passion
I have had passion for Feng Shui since the beginning of my studies but found Western  or New Age Feng Shui too superficial - it can be perceived as esoteric, mysterious or simply a fashion in decoration. For me it is much more subtle and significant.  It is a serious discipline that is based on centuries of observation and practice by Feng Shui masters.

The decisive meeting
Under the guidance of Bernadette Harvengt, a DAO school teacher, I completed a year of training and practical exercises to qualify as a Feng Shui consultant and enter the world of traditional Feng Shui and Chinese culture so symbolic and mysterious to Westerners. I discovered a discipline that elegantly combines my two passions, psychology and interior architecture.

I discovered how traditional Feng Shui masters have come to understand the influences of environment and habitat on daily life and, through centuries of observation, how we might direct these energies to our advantage.
I discovered a practice that is very concrete and precise in calculating and dissecting the types of influences and energies that impact us daily. I also discovered how Feng Shui is intimately related to Chinese medicine as ancient Chinese doctors would first balance the energy of the house via Feng Shui principles, before treating the patient.

My ambition
To share with you the benefits of Feng-shui!
I put centuries of knowledge, wisdom and the practical applications of this philosophy at your service.
Whether you are single or a couple or a family, join me in this sustainable source of well-being to make your life more serene, harmonious, balanced and prosperous.

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