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Feng Shui analysis of a home

The complete home analysis includes 3 analysis methods. The first is the study of the landscape and the surroundings of your home. The neighboring buildings or houses have an influence but also the roads, the rivers, the sea or the swimming pools. This part is considered the most important by traditional Feng Shui masters.

Then comes the analysis of the plan of the house and the distribution of the 8 energies as well as their impact on each inhabitant. For this part, the date of birth of the inhabitants and the orientation of the front door will be taken into consideration.

The last method of analysis is based on time: I will analyze the influence of time on your habitat because for the Chinese, it is not linear but in constant rotation. For this analysis, building orientation and move-in date will determine the results.


You'll learn valuable things to help you create the perfect space for improving positive energy, health, relationships, prosperity, and so much more. After receiving your Feng Shui analysis request, I will contact you as soon as possible to offer you a personalized and free quote.

To do this, I need the surface of the dwelling, the number of inhabitants, the dates of birth and the address. Once the quote is accepted, I will arrange a visit to your home to take measurements and send you a link to a form to fill out to better understand your needs and expectations regarding this Feng Shui analysis.

It will take me about 4-5 days to finalize your report and make an appointment to explain it to you.

You will also receive a report of approximately 20 pages allowing you to know the strong zones of positive energy in your habitat as well as the colors or materials which you can use to improve a specific energy and to balance the less positive zones.


In addition, I offer a one-year follow-up after the report is submitted to ensure that the solutions proposed are the most appropriate and that they bring you the expected improvements. Otherwise, a revision of the analysis report or even additional measures may be necessary. During an analysis, there are very few simple cases and perfect solutions, so choices and compromises are often necessary to allow everyone to benefit from the best energies. This is why monitoring is very important and is offered free of charge for one year.

Dates:  on appointment

Price: variable depending on the size of the house and the number of inhabitants -  free quote

from 200€ (Studio or small apartment) for a simple analysis.

from 400€ (Studio or small apartment) for a detailed analysis  including  the analysis of each room for each inhabitant.

Duration of the measurement:  1h-1h30

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