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Fechas : to be agreed juntos
Duration : 2h
Precio por participant : variable
Minimum of 4 participants.
Free for the anfitriona.

Learn in buena compañía!!
Reúna has 4 or 5 friends to participate in a taller exclusivo sober traditional Feng Shui in su lugar.
During this time, learn the basic aspects of Feng Shui and how to improve your life.
Calcularemos together su personal number of Feng Shui (Ming Gua) y su signified.
También reviews the famous Taoist principle of Yin Yang, the influence of the medium environment in its habitat and the 4 celestial animals, the circulation of Qi, the 8 types of energy present in its habitat, the influence of decoration in el Feng Shui. De un lugar, zonas faltantes... entre otros.
No dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo para recibir más información o para discutir las modalidades del taller. Schedule a preliminary visit to organize the best time to attend and learn.

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